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With any luck you'll soon have penfriends all over the world. 

The only rules are that all posts should be in English and you must include a photograph.


If you don't have an email account or would like to create one especially for communicating with your e-friends, you can get a free email account or log in to your existing account by clicking here. Your address will be "yourname" It's a great way of avoiding spam in your main email account and a way of ignoring any undesirable people who may contact you through this account.


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Name: Lusienne





Sensitive man indeed unarmed among well possessed" - Averbah

I'm looking for soul friends !



Name: Kate

Year of Birth: 1979

From: Poland 






Hi everybody! I'm Kate and I like meeting new people. I think that world is full of adventures, which we have to experience!
I'm waiting for your letter.



Annie Vo





Hello there! My name is Annie and I'm from Vietnam. 

I love to be your friends cos I believe with my English 

I need your help and u will need mine too. I'm very

easygoing, strong, smart, funny and a little bit arrogant.

Goodbye & have a good time. Lots of love. 
Annie Vo, Vietnam, 084088035085, HCMC






Location: Korea

Looking for: Both Male and Female Friends

Message: I don't drink or smoke. I'm 6 feet tall and 145lbs. I LOVE world music above all things. 

I have a website where you can see my hobby:

I especially love Asian girls between 25 and 35 or so but anyone should feel free to write to me.


Bozkurt řenler



I am a 36 years old medical doctor living in Ankara. I am married and have a three years old son. My wife is also a medical doctor and works as an academic in the
university. I am a public health specialist. I am an
atheist. I am interested in classical music,
photography, trekking, archeology and having friends
from all over the world. I would like to correspond
with females. Waiting for your letters or e-mails.  
Bozkurt řenler
Akcadag Sok. 12/10
Ankara, Turkey 06620


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