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English Forums and Chat

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Here are a few links to forums and chat sites where you can discuss things using English - not always the English language!

the english forum - new forum where you can discuss anything you want in English. Look for Penfriends and Penpals; ask, answer and discuss words, idioms, phrasal verbs and other issues for language learners; and generally use the English you know.

learn english and chat - practice your English by talking with a robot!

englishenglish chat - a chat room for anyone interested in using and learning English. If you are unable to log-in it means that the user name you have chosen has been taken. Choose another, and try again. This chat-room rocks!

poland discussion forum - esl forum for teachers of english as a second or foreign language teaching in or thinking of working in Poland.

bbc learning english - forums for general discussion, teachers and students.

slang mini forum - practice your english slang

guardian talk online - the place for lively, entertaining and usually intelligent discussions. Talk about anything from football to Politics and beyond.

the times talking point - numerous forums hosted by the times newspaper of London. Most of the people using these forums are native speakers of English, so perfect for anyone wanting to improve their English language skills. 

translation board - post questions concerning the translation of any language.

linguist list - ask a professional linguist a language or linguistics related question.



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