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Vocabulary V - Z

Words Beginning With 'V'

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  1. A person who moves from one place to another, in an idle or disreputable manner might be described as a


  2. A vehicle (smaller than a lorry) for carrying goods on roads is a  .


  3. A professional entertainer who can speak so that his voice seems to come from another person or place is known as a


  4. A number of lines of poetry, grouped together and forming a seperate unit within a poem or song is a .


    5.  Something which is of very great size is .


    6. A person who has had no sexual intercourse is a .


    7. A person who is of bad character or wicked might be described as a  .


    8. The word for throwing out the contents of the stomach through the mouth is .


    9. If something is not valid or binding it is .


    10.   The verb used to describe the action: to annoy or distress somebody is .



Words Beginning With 'W, X, Y, Z'

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  1. To go, move, walk etc. about from place to place with no definite destination in mind is to


  2. An armed struggle, usually between nations, is known as a  .


  3. The arm-like limbs of a bird or bat, which it usually uses in flying are called


  4. A type of alcoholic drink made from the fermented juice of grapes or other fruit is called  .


    5.  A woman who is supposed to have powers of magic is called a .


    6. The part of the body of a female mammal in which the young are developed and kept until birth is known as the .


    7. A small line or crease on the skin is a  .


    8. Another word for a photocopier (the machine used to copy documents) is .


    9. A synonym for a story or tale is .


    10.   The highest point is the .