world english test

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Words beginning with 'J'

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  1. The word for the place where criminals are kept as punishment for their crime is  


  2. The word to describe speaking so quickly that it is difficult to understand is 


  3. A is a piece of equipment whch you might use to lift a car to change the tyre.


  4.   is the precious green stone from which jewellery and small models are made.


  5. A sweet soft substance made by cooking fruit with sugar to preserve it is


  6. A is a picture stuck onto wood or cardboard and cut into irregular pieces which must be joined together correctly to form the picture again.


  7. A thin wooden stick covered with a substance which burns slowly and produces a pleasant smell is a . They are very popular in India and Nepal.


  8. The word describing, to give or to be a good reason for something is


  9. is another word for something which is extremely large. 


  10. A is a journey or visit made for pleasure by an official, which is paid for by someone else.


Words beginning with 'K'

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  1. My sister is very on playing tennis.  


  2. He knows all about computers but being able to explain them to others is a different  of fish.


  3. The to the magazine's success was that it employed new exciting writers. 


  4.  Thank you for giving me your seat, that was very of you .


  5. She gave him a long lingering on the lips.


  6. We took plastic and forks on our picnic.


  7. The manager £5 off because the dress had a few buttons missing.


  8. His  of English grammar is very extensive.


  9. She down and tried to see under the door. 


  10. I've been reading a book about the adventures of King Arthur and his .


Words beginning with 'L'

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  1. The on the bottle says not to take more than 6 tablets a day.  


  2. A room or building with scientific equipment for doing scientific  tests or a room where chemicals or medicines are produced is called a  .


  3.  I the energy that is required to look after children! 


  4.  You are too small. You will need a to paint the ceilling.


  5. The boat ride on the Moscow River past the Kremlin and other historic takes two hours.


  6. He has calculated costs down to the  penny.


  7. There are plastic and wooden garden chairs but the are more expensive.


  8. The doctor advised him to  off smoking.


  9. I am already late for my bus. Could you give me a to the school. 


  10. She fell deeply in with a friend of her brother's.