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Advanced Vocabulary Quiz

Adjectives and commonly used prepositions

Choose the correct word to fill the gap in the sentence. Click on the arrow to see if you have answered correctly.

Exercise # 1

eligible, aware, sensitive, experienced, adequate, responsible, commensurate, incompatible, worthy, liable, adept, typical, capable, applicable, qualified, involved, lacking, expert.


  • Kate is well of the problems caused by the new road - it runs right past her flat.


  • Charles is very at / in computer programming.


  • Magda is directly for the efficient running of the school.


  • The salary will be with age, experience and qualifications.


  • Joanna is of doing anything after she's had a drink or two!


  • Any new music system that is with existing ones has little chance of success.


  • There has been so little rain, the forest is to go up in flames at any moment.


  • Chloe is very  at / in making people feel at their ease.


  • She's totally in charm of any sort.


  • Agnes has been with martial arts for many years.


  • The new regulations are  to companies employing more that three people.


  • What makes you think that you are for this job?


  • This sort of hot and spicy food is of the food in the south of the country.


  • It's not a great salary, but it's  for my needs.


  • Are you for maternity leave?


  • Simon is an in / on Viking settlements in Wales.


  • Several of the exercises are of publication.


  • The headmaster said he hoped teachers would be to the needs of their students


  • Magnus is an at finding bargain antiques


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