world english test

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If you would like to improve your knowledge of slang before trying our quiz, click here.


  • Another name for a cigarette is , but be careful because it also means a man!


  • is another word for a girl or woman.


  • If you were in Ireland and someone asked for "a pint of the black stuff", what would they mean?


  • The are Chicago's world-famous basketball team


  • Would you be happy or annoyed if someone called you a plonker?


  • A 'hole in the wall' is


  • In Australia and New Zealand the slang word for your girlfriend or wife is


  • is another word for friend.


  • If you heard the word 'strewth' what does it mean?


  • The are Philadelphia's baseball team.

  • An English-speaking friend says to you "let's get pissed", what does he mean?


  • The city of hosts the Mardi Gras


  • A is slang for a traffic light in South Africa.

  • You're at a beach with a friend and she asked you if you have a cozzie, what does she mean? 

  • An offensive word to describe an uneducated, rather unpleasant man is  !


  • In the West Indies (Jamaica, Barbados etc.), what does goose or cherry mean?


  • means a short sleep.


  • If something is then its great.


  • is another word for a passionate kiss.


  • This slang quiz was a doodle. What does this mean?