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Shopping Quiz

Match the shop or store to the objects you want to buy. Click on the arrow to see if you have answered correctly.

NOTE Many shops or stores such as 'butcher's', 'baker's' end in -'s. This is the possessive form coming from the original 'butcher's shop' or 'baker's shop', etc. 'shop' has been dropped but the possessive form has been retained.

  • a box of chocolates
  • a pair of sheets and pillow cases
  • a sack of coal
  • a dozen red roses
  • a bar of baby soap
  • some tomatoes or a leek
  • half a dozen wholewheat rolls or a loaf of bread
  • cigarettes, snuff, pipe tobacco or a cigar
  • some envelopes
  • a three-piece suit
  • an eighteenth-century wardrobe
  • a kilo of Œlšska sausages
  • a hammer and some nails
  • a goldfish
  • a piece of salmon
  • a copy of Polityka magazine



  1. a stationer's / a stationery shop


  2. a confectioner's / a sweet shop


  3. a baker's


  4. an antique dealer


  5. a draper's / an interior design shop


  6. a newsagent's


  7. a florist's


  8. a chemist's / a pharmacy


  9. a (green)grocer's / a grocery store


  10. an ironmonger's  / a hardware store


  11. a coal merchant's


  12. a tobacconist's


  13. a butcher's


  14. a pet shop


  15. a tailor's


  16. a fishmonger's