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English Riddles

Read the following English language riddles and test out your reading comprehension and reasoning by trying to work out the answer.


Riddle # 1

What part of the body has the most rhythm?


Riddle # 2

A farmer combined 2 compost heaps with 3 others. How many compost heaps does he have?


Riddle # 3

Who succeeded the first Prime Minister of Australia ?


Riddle # 4

Why was Karl Marx buried at Highgate Cemetery in London?


Riddle # 5

What odd number becomes even when beheaded?


Riddle # 6

Why is the letter E like London?


Riddle # 7

What lives on its own substance and dies when it devours itself?


Riddle # 8

"The beginning of eternity
The end of time and space
The beginning of every end,
And the end of every place."


Riddle # 9

"I never was, am always to be,
No one ever saw me, nor ever will
And yet I am the confidence of all
To live and breathe on this terrestrial ball." 


Riddle # 10 

"At night they come without being fetched,
And by day they are lost without being stolen."