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Reported Speech

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  1. Agnes "I love aikido."
    Michael: "Agnes said (that) she ___ aikido."
    a. loved
    b. loves
    c. loving


  2. Magda: "I went skiing."
    John: "Magda said (that) she ___ skiing."
    a. went
    b. had gone
    c. have gone


  3. Simon: "I will eat pierogi for dinner."
    Kate: "Simon said (that) he ___ eat pierogi for dinner."
    a. willing
    b. will
    c. would


  4. Maria: "I have been to Gdansk."
    Donata: "Maria said (that) she ___ to Gdansk."
    a. had been
    b. has been
    c. was being


  5. Peter: "I have had three cars."
    Simon: "Peter said (that) she ___ three cars.
    a. has
    b. has had
    c. had had


  6. Victoria: "I'm going to go to Poznan."
    John: "Victoria said (that) she ___ going to go to Poznan."
    a. is
    b. was
    c. went


  7. Anna: "I don't like coffee."
    Eric: "Anna said (that) she ___ like coffee."
    a. doesn't
    b. don't
    c. didn't


  8. Roman: "I have never been to London."
    Alicja: "Roman said (that) he ___ never been to London."
    a. had
    b. has
    c. have


  9. Joanna: "I was swimming."
    Simon: "Joanna said (that) she ___ swimming.
    a. has been
    b. had been
    c. have been


  10. Hania: "I had a cat."
    Ela: Hania said (that) she had ___ a cat."
    a. have
    b. has
    c. had


  11. Simon: "I can't swim."
    Donata: "Simon said (that) she ___ swim."
    a. can't
    b. couldn't
    c. can not


  12. Jacek: "I won't buy a new car."
    Kasia: "Jacek said (that) she ___ by a new car."
    a. won't
    b. will
    c. wouldn't