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Quantifiers Quiz


Some nouns are countable which means you can use either the singular or plural form of the noun. Example: Book - a book - some books. Other nouns are uncountable which means you can use ONLY the singular form of the noun. Example: information - some information

Choose the correct answers in the following dialogue

NEIL: Hi! What are you up to?
PETE: Oh I'm just looking for (a)many (b)some (c)any antiques at this sale.

NEIL: Have you found (a) something (b) anything (c) nothing yet?

PETE: Well there seems to be (a) a few (b) few (c) little things of interest. It really is a shame.

NEIL: I can't believe that. I'm sure you can find (a) a thing (b) something (c) anything

interesting if you look in (a) all (b) each (c) some stall.

PETE: You're probably right. It's just that there are (a) a few (b) a lot (c) a lot of collectors

and they (a) every (b) each (c) all

seem to be set on finding (a) a thing (b) anything (c) much

of value. It's so stressful competing with them!

NEIL: How (a) many (b) much (c) few antique furniture do you think there is?

PETE: Oh I'd say there must be (a) many (b) several (c) much pieces.

However only (a) a few (b) few (c) little

are really worth (a) the high (b) a high (c) high prices they are asking.

NEIL: Why don't you take a break? Would you like to have (a) any (b) some (c) little tea?

PETE: Sure I'd love to have (a) any (b) little (c) one.

I could use (a) some (b) a few (c) a little minutes of downtime.

NEIL: Super, let's go over there. There're (a) a few (b) some (c) little seats left.