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Raymond Cox



How are you? Good I hope as I am here. I am writing to you in hope that we could be come friends. I am Raymond Cox age 30 from Queensland Australia.
I am looking for penpals with similar interest as myself and from any country
I am living on a cattle station/ranch in outback Queensland. I am in charge of about 400 head of cattle.
My duties include checking waters for the cattle, fencing, putting out feed for the cattle and maintaining the gardens and house here.
The main house here has around 5 bedrooms and then there are smaller houses that have 4 rooms and we also have a 7 single mans quarters here. This station used to be owned by a sheep farmer.
The name of this station is Aubigny. The closest town to here is Augathella and has around 400 hundred people living there. Aubigny is about 40 miles or 70 kilometres from Augathella by road. Augathella is about 800 kilometres from the capital of Queensland and that city is called Brisbane. I have been working on Aubigny Station for the last 5 months now. We have some wild life like Kangaroos, Koala Bears, Emus, Pigs and birds.
If you would like I can send you some pictures of this station in the next email.
I grew up on a cattle station with my Dad and my 2 younger brothers.
Graeme and Mark, Graeme is 29 this year and is married to a lady he meet at University, Mark is unwell with an illness.
Graeme, Mark and I use to go to a boarding school for about 5 years and then I left school and went to work for my Dad on his station for a few weeks and the my Dad sent me off to Rural college where I learnt how to do fencing, mustering cattle and removing a automobile from a mud trap or bog “As we say here in Australia”
I then went and worked on several stations to make money. Last year I put up an add at the local sale yards and came up with this job care taking this station.

How many people do you have you got in your family and have you ever travelled?

I have been to the USA 2 times and once to Canada. The first time I went to the USA was with my brothers and father back in 1985 when we visited California & Texas.
The last trip to the USA was in 1999 and I travelled to most of the States in the USA and meet a lot of my friends that I had made from the Internet.
I also went to Canada in 1999 to meet a friend that lived in Alberta about 100 kilometres from Calgary.

Who are your favourite music artists?

My Favourite music artist is from Country music & Rock and Roll.
The Rock and roll artists that I like are Elton John, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion,
Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, John Fogarty, Creedance Clearwater Revival,
Guns and Roses, Def Leopard, John Farnham, Jimmy Barnes, The Bee Gees,
Elvis Presley, UB 40 and others.

My favourite country music artists are Garth Brooks, Brooks and Dunn, Reba,
Shania Twain, Trisha Yearwood, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Reba,
Kenny Chesney, Randy Travis, George Jones, Kenny Rodgers and some Australian country music artist.

Well I hope that I have not board you to mush and I hope to hear from you if you decide you want a friend in Australia on a Station.





I'm interested in travel and photography.
I like to learn foreign languages ( English, French, Italian, German... )
Best wishes.


Kay, 1980, Malaysia, 


I can write in English, Chinese, Mandarin
I like sports..swimming, interested in surfboarding and kickboxing, aerobics and I like music, dancing and karaoke too.....ok hear from u soon!



It's so boring without some penfriend in the world wide web. I wanna get to know some people who are not Germans. I like other languages and countries. Please write "back" soon!



I live in Reunion (French dept.).  I am looking for true friendship worldwide, both sexes.  I will reply to you all.

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