world english test

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A - Rewrite these sentences beginning with the words in bold type

      Thieves robbed a woman.

      A woman was robbed.

1.   They offered Magda a promotion.


2. They are testing the new system.


3. Someone reported that the riot was under control.


4. They may ban the film.


5. We haven't used the car for ages.


6. Employers must pay all travel expenses for this training course.


7. All visitors must wear identity badges.


8. The news about the exam results distressed Sidney.


9. Nobody informed the college that there had been a mistake.


10. The company has cut all salaries.



B - Write a second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. Use the words in brackets.

1. Magda lost her way. (got)


2. They say tea is good for you. (be)


3. Elton John sang the song. (by)


4. They pay firefighters a lot of money. (are)


5. A plumber is repairing Shirley's shower. (having)