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One-to-one correspondence by e-mail with a native-speaking English tutor

Individual advice and correction of your English



World-English individual 'email based' correspondence courses are ideal for those without access to fast internet connections; time for lessons at set times; or for those on a budget. 

As a World English student you will be assigned a personal tutor, who will set and correct homework exercises, respond to your email correspondence, and encourage a wide-ranging written exchange on topics that are of interest to you. Some students choose to write a diary and send this every day for their teacher to correct and comment on.  

We guarantee that you will receive a response to all your emails within 24 hours. And that the feedback you receive should prove lively and motivating, and will be extremely helpful in improving your English. You are able to contact your teacher once a day, every day for the duration of your course.

Our e-mail based correspondence lessons are available at all levels from pre-intermediate to proficiency, and also for those aiming to take an international exam in English, such as Cambridge BEC, FCE, CAE, CPE; IELTS; or TOEFL. All our programs are designed individually to suit the needs of our students.

After completion of our course of English correspondence, you will receive a diploma from World-English. This certificate proves that you have studied with us and also gives an indication of your level of English. You can then use this to prove your study and knowledge of English.

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Find out about either our free lessons with student teachers or paid online English lessons with qualified and experienced teachers from English-speaking countries.




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