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Nouns from Verbs

Complete the sentences with a noun form corresponding to the verb given in brackets.
Click the answer button to see the correct answer.


  1. Her ___ in the CAE exam surprised me. (fail)


  2. His ___ to do the work angered his wife. (refuse)


  3. They do not have free ___ . (deliver)


  4. The ___ was widely reported in the Polish media. (rob)


  5. Don't do it without any ___ . (prepare)


  6. The secretary decided to send in her ___ yesterday. (resign)


  7. Nobody likes to work under ___ . (press)


  8. He considered my ___ unfair. (decide)


  9. Do you know what caused his ___ ? (dismiss)


  10. Their ___ for power lasted a long time. (struggle)


  11. His ___ caused us a lot of trouble. (omit)


  12. When is his ___ with the dentist? (appoint)


  13. It was not my ___ to hurt your feelings. (intend)


  14. The ___ in this room is very old-fashioned. (furnish)


  15. Don't listen to him. He is a ___ . (lie)