NKJO (Gorzów) Staff



Bożena Franków-Czerwonko 

classes: Phonetics (American English);  speaking; listening

academic interests: translation studies, linguistics

general interests: psychology, literature, music, films, sport, and traveling.  
In my spare time I love playing with my daughter, riding my bike and



Bogna Ferensztajn

 classes: Methodology; Diploma Seminar; Theory of Learning and Teaching

academic interests: pedagogy, language pedagogy, learning theories, learner autonomy, learning styles and strategies, mentoring system of teaching practice supervision, educational reforms, action research

hobbies and passions: art, poetry, philosophy, feminist theory, literature, films, music, cross-cultural zones.



Joanna Pławsiuk

classes: Reading; Writing; Grammar; American Literature

In her spare time she takes care of two dogs, a guinea pig and a canary, and says only the scarcity of free time prevents her from keeping many other "lesser brothers."
Enjoys sports. Founder member and this year's president of the Rotaract Club of Gorzów Wlkp., and member of Towarzystwo Opieki nad Zwierzêtami in Gorzów Wlkp. If you witness or know of cases of cruelty to animals, you know whom to contact!

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Simon Haines

classes: The History of Great Britain and the United States; Speaking; Listening; British and Irish Culture

interests: sociolinguistics, the history of English, world englishes, archaeology, pre-raphaelite art, the internet, literature, the archers, cricket

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Bartosz Kuczyński

classes: British Literature; Introduction to Linguistics; Phonetics (English)

academic interests: cybersociology, cyberlinguistics, computational linguistics, ethnolinguistics, neurolinguistics

other general interests: oriental philosophy, cartography, heavy guitar music, films, sci-fi, literature, IT



Magdalena Witkowska

classes: Methodology


Bożena Olechnowicz

classes: History of English Language


Maciej Stachowiak 

classes: Integrated Skills Course; Writing




Anna Pakulska

classes: Grammar; Writing; Listening


Mirosław Kwiatkowski

classes: American Culture; Listening







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