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New Hangman Games

This is our new improved hangman game. We think it's an improvement on our original version of the game. Try it and let us know what you think of this hangman game. If we receive positive feedback we'll add more of the same kind of language related hangman games. If not we won't!

a- Select a category:
Capital Cities      Countries

b- Activate Random

Rules of the game:
- Choose a category.
- Activate a random word.
- Guess one letter at a time then push "Enter" button.
- Bad guesses will be counted against you.
- You are allowed wrong guesses equal to the length of the mystery word.
- The counter down the page shows how many bad guesses remain.

Warning! You only have bad guess before you lose!.

Statistics & Facts
City Capital:
Country's Name:
Population (2001):
Literacy Rate:

Note: The number of Countries/Capital Cities included in the Game so far is:


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