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Expressing the Future

Quick Reference Guide

Present Simple     Present Continuous
1. In sentences that concern events that are on a definite schedule or timetable. These sentences usually contain future words. Only a few verbs are used in this way, eg: to be, open, close, begin, start, end, finish, arrive, come, leave, return.

The train LEAVES Skwierzyna at 9pm tonight.

Joanna STARTS work next week.

Tomorrow IS Thursday.

  1. In sentences that concern a definite plan or arrangement. These sentences usually contain future words, or the future is understood from the context.

Marek IS TAKING his CAE exam next year.

They can’t play tennis with you tomorrow. They’RE WORKING.

We’RE GOING to the cinema on Friday.
Be Going To   Will
1. When the speaker is making a prediction based on evidence.

There’s a cloud in the sky. It’S GOING TO rain.

2. When the speaker already has an intention or plan.

We’RE GOING TO paint our bedroom tomorrow.

Szymon has won the lottery. He says he’S GOING TO go to buy a house in Skwiezyna.
  1. When the speaker is making a prediction.

Tomorrow WILL BE hot and sunny.

People WILL GO to Mars in the next decade.

2. When the speaker decides to do something at the time of speaking. He had no previous plan. Spontaneous.

Hold on. I’LL GET a pencil.

We WILL SEE what we can do to help you.

Maybe we’LL STAY IN and WATCH television.



Choose the correct future form to complete the sentences below. Once you have decided on your answer, click on the arrow to check your answer.


I'm hungry - Oh, I (make) you a sandwich.

He (study) Law at Sheffield University next year.

Oh darling! I love you so much, (you/marry) me?

The flight (leave) at 8 p.m.

Look at those clouds! It (rain) any minute.

Jack (meet) Kim tomorrow afternoon.

I think he (be) very successful.

When (visit) me next year?

Class (begin) at 9, it (begin) at 10.

As soon as she arrives in Manchester she (give) you a call.

Look at those clouds on the horizon! It is (rain) soon.

Who do you think (win) the next national elections?

We are (fly) to Warsaw next week for a meeting with the advisory board.

I promise you: I (finish) my homework on time next week.

I'll take this letter to the post office when I (go) into town this afternoon.


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