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I am Turkish. and I living in Turkey, (my city: Istanbul) hobbies.-- I like travel. My hobbies to listen music, to swim, to read, to play tennis, to walk, write to penpal. I interesting culture other country. 





I'm a 19 young man from Paris in France. I have a passion for literature, languages (British English and German), history, royalties, art, Paris, Harry Potter (the all time best wizard) and Bridget Jones' (very gorgeous woman)!   I can speak French, of course, German, and a bit of  British English! I considered myself as an alien, because I am not like the other men : I don't like sport a lot, don't play video game, have many female friends (but male friends too) and like to have a chat and fun with friends!

First I'm searching for a pen friend, man or woman, to exchange ideas and many other interesting things! Are you interested? Write to me!  

Second, I am seeking for a pen friend, living in London (a splendid city for me) or in England!

Third, I prefer to correspond by postal way! I'll give you my post-address with my first mail.

At last, you can be a man or a woman, I don't care! I my age bracket (18 until 22 or 23). But I have many female friends because I have a good feeling with her. Beware, it's no indecent proposal! Anyway!

I always have liked to write with anybody! That's the reason!

Well, write to me then!




Hi! I'm 17 years old girl from Poland. I'm looking for a penfriends from all countries. It doesn't matter what gender and how old you are. It would be cool if we have the same interests. I play on guitar: acoustic (in picture), electric and bass guitar. Especially bass. I also play keyboard and try to compose.
I love listening music. I listen to rock, metal, classical and calm soundtracks. Here are some of my favourite rock bands: Metallica (the best!),  Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The White Stripes, Alice In Chains, King Crimson, Offspring, Linkin Park. I also love music of Roger Waters, Tori Amos and Mike Oldfield.
I like books. I read Dean Koontz, Stephen King and Anne Rice and some other. I write some short stories and nowadays work on a novel. I would like to hear about you, your country, your life, interests, or whatever you want to tell me. Please write and I swear I'll answer.


Ralf, E-mail, Papua New Guinea

I am a 22 Male and wish to find some that special one. If your interested email me.




Hi! I am from Iran and am 23 studying agriculture major. I would like to be in contact of whoever is seeking for some one as a friendship. I like reading books especially psychoogical books, Please write to me if you would like.


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