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I am a Japanese man.
My hair is black and eyes are brown.
I develop a system for medical information system.
My hobbies are reading,photography,music, psychology,bowling,etc.
I am interested in foreign countries,culture and people.
I am looking for women with whom I can talk about the various things frankly to understand each other.



I am 24 years old.I'm light skin black male who likes going to the movies,mall,shopping,bowling, skating, traveling, music, reading, writing, and church






I am a young 53 years of age 5ft 3ins, and a blue eyed blonde. I have a qualification in massage, and I am skilled in Aromatherapy and have a qualification for Indian headmassage. I use all my oils for various ailments, and I have been active in Counselling Hypnotherapy and NLP.
I have two lads of 29 and 31 although you would not believe it, because I have been told many times I do not look my age. My interests are alternative therapy, pilates, yoga, keeping fit and the paranormal, just something different.
My hobbies are travelling, theatre, going to restaurants and trying different fish and seafood, gardening, diy, interior design, music, 50's rock and roll and country.  I sing country or try to, and have several tapes I have recorded at home experimenting.
 I have two cats, but would like a dog, and I like horses and riding.  I live in a small village in the country, which is very quiet and peaceful.
I am a big fan of the late Elvis.Presley. I have seen most of his films, have cd's, tapes and records.
He is the king of rock and roll. Whenever I hear an Elvis number I get goosebumps, Of all the artists there are I can never have enough of Elvis. 
Other artists I like are country music artists like Patsy Clyne,Patricia Yearwood, Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Brooks and Dunne,  Kenny Rodgers,  Lorry Morgan, LeAnn Rimes, Pam Tillis. And artists like The Everley Brothers,  Buddy Holly, Billy Fury, and many more.
I love music and dancing I even tried country line dancing once and really enjoyed it.
It would be really nice to hear from friends with similar interests

Ugyen Samdrup


I am 30 years old male from Bhutan, the Himalayan Kingdom lies between Tibet
and India.  I am currently in New Delhi the
capital city of India, working in the Royal Bhutanese Embassy.  I am all
alone and I need some friends.  So through this site I want to build
friendship with the people across the globe.  Please do write to me.  Bye
and take care.


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