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Masayoshi SONO 



I'm Japanese office worker, name is Masayoshi, working in Tokyo, male,
single, 32 y/o. I cannot use English very well, but I want to be friend
with you to learn and enjoy English and different world. If you are
interested in me, please send mail to me. WELCOME! COME ON YOUR REPLY!

  traveling (by motorcycle, car...), learning English & Chinese, cooking, horse racing
FAVORITE MOVIES: Stand By Me, Bagdad Cafe, La Vita e Bella, New Cinema Paradise, For Roseanna...
FAVORITE FOOD: Japanese, Chinese, Italian ...



I'm a 20 year old university student

I'm looking forward to having penfriends from all over the world

Drop me a line. I will reply u soon

United States of America

Seeking:: Both Male and Female friends
Hobbies:: From playing tickle monster with my little cousins, rollerblading, people watching, traveling, Renovations, sculpting, volunteering and languages. 

Hello from New York City!!! I would like to know about other cultures and people. I plan to go Europe next year. I also speak Spanish and understand some French.
Email me in FRENCH, SPANISH or ENGLISH. I would love to help others learn English. Hear from you soon!!




I like meeting new people. I think that the world is full of adventures, which we have to experience! I'm waiting for your letter. Thanks a lot



      Saudi Arabia

I am a 31 year old businessman and I look for friend from all the world for a long-term relationship, Email / Chat, Friend

I am nice man and look for nice friend I like u to be friend.....if u like we can chat talk .... I SPEAK English and Arabic... so if u like to be friend mail me or call me 057315268 (( 00- 966-57315268  ))
thanx any way


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