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Friends Wanted!









I'm 30 y.o and looking for male friends around the globe and would be honoured to invite them to come over and visit my
country and city and possibly to go hiking together.
I can be different with different people. Generally, I'm smart and
curious just about everything. I'm eager to learn and try new things,
read new books, try new recipes, watch new movies, see new places. I'm
hungry for this life and what it has to offer. And it has so much in
stock!!! I can be serious and funny; I love quiet times with god and be
alone sometimes, however, very much enjoy a good company of friends.
Like meaningful conversation and sometimes like going wild and have
massive parties. Love challenging things. Hate routine.





I an a GHANAIAN guy of 21yrs old who want penpals, epals, and friends from all over the world. YOU WILL KNOW ALOT ABOUT ME WHEN YOU WRITE.


Andy Nixon   E-Mail   England

Hi, I'm a 39 year old male, living in Nottingham.  I enjoy meeting and writing to people from different cultures, and would like to make some new pen friends.  I'm a Buddhist, and live above the Buddhist centre in Nottingham, but I am happy to write to non-Buddhists too.

 I have several hobbies - obviously, surfing the internet is one of them!  I love travelling, reading, writing, listening to music and going to the cinema.  I have my own bookkeeping company.

I would like to write to anyone either male or female, though preferably over 20 years old.

 My address is

Ratnaloka, 9 St Mary's Place, Lace Market, Nottingham, NG1 1PH, England.

Samuel Nwaodo


Lover and Wife Wanted.

I'm looking for a good woman that will stand with me till the end in a loving relationship an marriage.

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