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[email protected]

Hi everybody!I'm an Iranian. I'm 30. I'm an engineer.
I need your help to improve my English. I'm looking for
a penpal.




[email protected]

Hi I'm Marybeth. Please write me there. I like cooking, singing, sleeping, watching TV and movies and a lot more! I hope you can email me and send me your photo. I'm looking for a good man to be the love of my life...........



[email protected]


Hello. My name is Faeiz. I'm a 23 year old Indian male. Let me tell you more about myself. I go to  University of Houston in the USA , and major in Computer Information. After I graduate, I will try to get a job in US or may continue with my studies. My hobbies are traveling, reading detective stories, drawing and 3"D animation. My favorite singers are Celine Dion, Bad Boys Blue and Whitney Houston. How about you? Who is your favorite singer? I hope to hear from you soon.




[email protected]


25 year old Ohio guy would like to hear from all attractive females interested in becoming penfriends----and maybe more.   All will be answered---those with pics first.  


[email protected]

I am looking for penpals all over the world. I am a single mother living in the United States and have never been out of this country though I have been all over. So i am interested in learning about other countries and its cultures.

I need to meet people who share my same interests and that can handle my weird sense of humor through emails and instant messages and that can put up with my gothic lifestlye.

I am honest and speak what is on my mind at all times and not in to head games or lies so if that is what you want don't waste our time. Most of the time though i like to just sit back and observe instead of joining in on the the conversation. You learn alot more that way.

All emails will receive a reply so come on and write what do you have to lose?

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