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My name is Manish Tandon and I live in India. I am a commerce graduate and aged 27 years.

My telephone is: +91-522-2252055

I want to talk British, U.S.A.,Russia,Germany and all over the world's beautiful working ladies on some serious issues. You can write me to my postal address with your photo without any hesitation . I am a computer professional and like to meet you one day as a friend or ----. I would also like to establish an English medium school for poor and disabled children. Kind people can donate for this work. I also keep degree in 'Aurveda'(well known medical system), Advance diploma in software tech. and other qualifications too.
I am honest,responsible and close to earth. I know the importance of time and human life. I don't dream about lavish life but of a simple and peaceful life. But it's does not means that I am not ambitious . I believe in 'live simple but think high'. I follow the path of great people like:- Mahatma Gandhi, Brooker T.Washington. Abraham Lincoln, and others who became great ones later. I like real heroes more than actors. I love humanity. I want to take some and give some to this world before leaving. I would like to teach little children abroad, If any opportunity seems please write me. I love nature, little children and silence of cold night and my lonely lane. I like history very much. I am fond of writing poems, stories too. I want to see peace all over the world. I request to all of you please avoid vulgurity, violence and non-veg. Those who write me can be assured a reply.

Helen     E-mail     Russia

Hi everybody! I would like to have a lot of friends all over the world. Please,Write me. I'm sure you like me.

                               Komi,      E-mail      Togo

Hello  Everybody ! I'm a 27 years old boy and I come from Togo.I've studied German and I want  now to improve my English through letterwriting and learn more about people coming from other  countries. I can speak fluently french and a bit italian. I hope you would be interested to  write with me and we would share many things together. Thank you for your interest!

Jeff Stones  E-mail   USA

Even though I have been fortunate enough to have traveled all over the world through my job as an Electrical Controls Engineer and, established many friendships along the way, I still would like to make new friends.....and lasting friendships too.

At the age of 54 I have now settled down to life in Florida USA and have stopped travelling for business .........but I still like to travel overseas occasionally.  

If you are interested in joining me in a true friendship then please feel free to write to me.



Age:  19



Hi, I'm Bryan, I want to talk to people and meet new friends around the
world, feel free to contact me

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