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Have you ever written a letter to a person you completely don't know? If yes, then you probably understand how difficult it is to write someone knowing only his/her E-MAIL addresss. I don't know what you are like, what you like doing, talking about and so do you and thus it will be hard for me to convince you that I'm a person worth knowing and writing to. But I will try if you don't mind. I want to make a very serious friendhip with long letter pals(ONLY) from people around the world.

My ultimate goal is to find someone who synchs with me, but I'm just looking around now to see what I find.I wonder if you would like to write someone from AFRICA but I hope you will still like to write someone from this continent or maybe you've received such lot of letters that you're completely fed up with us Africans? Anyway, I'm the nicest African man from GHANA, you know, so why not try me one more time? I promise you that I,m one of those people that you have been looking for quite a long time/ages. Would you not like to find out? Are you still rejecting? If yes why can,t you pass my name to someone you think might be interested?

My name is AWUDU SALAM, I'm 27 old and African black. I have graduated from my technical college as an,auto-electrician and I'm planning to set up my own workshop. My hobbies are correspondence, reading, making new friends , travelling etc. In short,I,m always interested in everything which is of interest to my fellow people. I like sports very much and I train for body building and I,m very tall and look like a giant and I'm very muscular.

Well there are more or less the fact I can add that I like music, movies, nature, books, and so on. I love talking, laughing, sight seeing, and writting long letters etc. Now that you ,ve read all of this, you probably wonder why you should write to me- I'm quite normal and you can't see anything special about me, can you? Perhaps that is true but NEVERTHELSS I think you should write no matter how. Why? Because you'll have a good frank friend in me- you'll be able to speak\talk everything with me. I suppose you are interested in the world, other cultures, different people and wildlife- so why shouldn't you be interested in a piece of widlife called AWUDU? Is there any important reason why you shouldn't write me? Write back to me soon because my INBOX is always empty!!






United States of America

I live in Tacoma WA, USA.  I am divorced twice, and have two teenagers.  I am honest , soft spoken , and have been told i am too nice sometimes!!!  But, I am not the type to strip on a web cam or other things.  I am not into that. 

I love to plant flowers, sci-fi /fantasy, dolphins, my family , my pets music and good friends are cherished by me. so if you are intrested email me!




Great Britain

I live in London, study electronics, I speak French as well, I am looking for a penfriend (girl only), just write me even if you dont speak English I ll teach, write to me and I ll get back to you, see soon

Kunle Ajayi



I live in Nigeria, in the Western part of Africa. I'm a computer science student of one of Nigerian universities. I'm looking for true friendship from someone that knows how to love and care for her loving friend. Knowing interesting and loving people that are going to make me happy always. I love travelling and meeting good and nice people all around the world. If you want to know more about me due to time factor, send me an e-mail. Thanx very much and I'll be on the look-out for ur mails.





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