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Hi, my name is Asit Mitra, 38, male from Bangladesh. I am a computer professional, have own business of computer sales/service center and cyber cafe. I am married, i have two kids, I am looking for true
friendship worldwide,with both male and female. Those who are interested, please mail me at my email address [email protected]






hi:) I would you like to meet a fun-loving, cheerful and sensitive girl, who loves pen-paling, Russian and English languages, travelling, winter, books by Stephen King, r&b music, shopping, make-up and tonnes of other things? if so, write to me soon:)(please, females around my age only)




 i am very delighted to write you this message in order to know me and to be my real friend,for more information about myself let me introduce my own certificats and knowledge : my name is mohammed, aging about 33 years old , i am hairdresser and i am a coach of athletism club and member of it, of course i play in belgrad marathon in yugoslavia (1997), and in zagreb marathon in croatia (1998).and a lot of national and international marathons. concerning my native language is arabic which i speak fluently and knowledge in french but my english is writing by my brother who helps me to correspond with writing. i think that it's enough for now , till your answered , let me till you to writing to me more about you. i hope so to contact me :[email protected]
   Mohammed Rue 10 n 3 Bensouda  Fes 30000 Morocco



Hi! I am 20 years old. I live in Russia and I am a student.
I  really like to socialize with interesting and lively people. I am looking for
good  friends from different countries to share ideas and knowledges and to find
out more of interesting about culture of other countries.
I  am  interested in literature, history and policy. But most af all I love fine
arts  and  like  to  read  about it. It would be great if somebody will share my
interests. But I seek only friendship and nothing more.
I hope to hear from you, friends!!!



I am from Ghana, residing in Dakar Senegal, west Africa.I am looking forward to meet a woman that will be intrested in me for I am a single living on my dreams to come.

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