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For or Since

For is used for general periods of time - 3 hours, four days, six months.
Since is used for a specific time - 2001, January, last week, one month ago.

Exercise # 1

Click the answer button to see the correct answer.

I have studied Russian......

  1. seven months.

  2. June.

  3. the beginning of last year.

  4. about 20 minutes!

  5. I was a child in play school.

  6. ten months.

  7. a long time.

  8. five days.

  9. I was 17 years old.

  10. two years ago.

  11. a year.

  12. eleven days.

  13. 1999.

  14. I came to Ireland.

  15. 2 hours a day for three years.


Exercise # 2

Make sentences using "for" or "since".

Example: How long have you been studying English?

I have been studying English since 1999.

  1. How long have you lived in Poland? (three years)

  2. How long has Joanna been a nurse? (June)

  3. How long has Simon known Hania? (1999)

  4. How long have they studied Norwegian? (a few months)

  5. How long has Piotr played golf? (a long time)

  6. How long has he worn glasses? (1985)

  7. How long has Marcin played the clarinet? (high school)

  8. How long will you be on holiday? (three weeks)

  9. How long have you driven a car? (Christmas)

  10. How long has Simon had his new computer? (last month)

  11. How long has he owned the book shop? (ten years)

  12. How long has Radek played badminton? (several years)

  13. How long have your parents been in town? (Friday)

  14. How long has Mr. Jones lived on South Street? (many years)

  15. How long has the bank been closed. (four o’clock)