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  1. The ___ didn't train the players well, so the team lost the game.
    a. coach
    b. couch
    c. trainee


  2. The team that ___ more goals wins the game.
    a. does
    b. keeps
    c. scores


  3. ___ the ball as far as possible.
    a. Kick
    b. Jump
    c. Throw


  4. The ___ must watch carefully for infractions during the game.
    a. judge
    b. umpire
    c. referee


  5. Whenever a player gets hurt, a ___ takes his place.
    a. placement
    b. substitute
    c. defender


  6. A penalty kick is the right given to a player from the opposing team to a ___ kick.
    a. forced
    b. free
    c. fresh


  7. The ___ must keep the ball out of the goal.
    a. goalholder
    b. goalwatcher
    c. goalkeeper


  8. Eleven players from each team participate in a football ___.
    a. match
    b. field
    c. score


  9. The first-line players are called ___ .
    a. midfielders
    b. forwards
    c. defenders


  10. A forward is also called a ___ .
    a. trooper
    b. goalie
    c. striker

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