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English Language Activities

Business English

Financial Vocabulary Quiz

Choose the correct word to fill the gap in the phrase or question. Click on the arrow to see if you have answered correctly.

Exercise # 1

retirement tip receipt wealth credit-card rent loan guarantee safe coin


  • Magda never carries cash with her and pays for everything by .


  • The old couple had only a small to live on.


  • Simon didn't like the waiter so he didn't leave a .


  • They wouldn't have been able to buy their new car without a bank .


  • The shop won't change any merchandise without the original .


  • The penny is such a small that everyone dislikes it.


  • The flat is not in very good condition so the is low.


  • The cd-player has a twelve month .


  • He keeps all his money and valuables in this behind this painting.


  • My friend Eric made his considerable selling plots of building land.

Exercise # 2

agent teller miser manager retired customer accountant swindler investors heir

  • Peter saves as much money as he can and tries to never spend a penny. He is a


  • My friend just inherited a lot of money and property. He is a to a great deal of wealth.


  • Jack just became the boss at the bank. He is the bank's .


  • My father is over 65, he is now a man.


  • Someone who keeps or checks financial records for a company is a .


  • I love to go shopping often. Most shops consider me a great .


  • If I need money from the bank, I go to a to make a withdrawal.


  • If you have any problems with your representation you should see your .


  • People who like to buy and sell stocks are called .


  • Unfortunately, I bought a piece of worthless junk from a who told me it was a masterpiece.

Exercise # 3

Form the correct version of the word using the word root to the right of the phrase. Click on the arrow to see if you have answered correctly.

I've just bought a new policy. insure
He's just spent all his on a brand new car. save
The old violin proved to be worth
The bank asked to see my passport. cash
My girlfriend inherited $1,000,000 from a relative. wealth
This is not his on the check. sign
50,000! Thank you for your generous
We had to take out a from the bank to purchase the house. lend
Unfortunately, my business is not very profit
I've always wanted to stay in a hotel. luxury