world english test

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Match the correct response to the question or statement. Click on the arrow to see if you have answered correctly.


  • Did he inherit that painting?


  • Whom do I make the cheque out to?


  • How much do you want for this water-colour?


  • Why are you putting so much money in the bank?


  • Your car must have cost a lot of money....


  • The house has burnt down! What are we going to do?


  • Can we change money at the restaurant to pay the bill?


  • How much do you earn a year?


  • Do I still owe you any money?


  • We seem to be spending a lot of money lately.


  1. 400.


  2. I'm saving up to buy a new motorbike.


  3. Maybe we should try to save a little.


  4. Yes, his Grandfather left it to him.


  5. No, you've paid it all back.


  6. To Countdown English Language Centre.


  7. Actually, I won it in a lottery.


  8. I think they accept travellers cheques anyway.


  9. That is really none of your business.


  10. Don't worry, we're insured.


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