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Confusing Words in English


Choose the correct "confusing" word from the pair to complete the sentence.


The (audience / spectators) applauded enthusiastically after the performance was finished.

I haven't seen him (since / for) over five years.

(Besides / Beside) the fact that it was difficult, the exam also included questions that we had never studied before.

I told my boss that I wanted a big (rise / raise).

The article's (title / headline) read "Countdown the Best School in Poland".

His opinion had no (effect / affect) on my decision.

He (lay / lie) down for a short nap.

Could you give me the (receipt / recipe) for that wonderful dessert?

They (controlled / inspected) his passport on entering the country.

Please finish your work (by / until) five o'clock.

That painting by Picasso is (worthless / priceless).

Have you decided (weather / whether) you would like to come?

You shouldn't leave litter (laying /lying) on the ground.

I spent my evening (looking at / watching) television.

The political situation is (actually / currently) very instable.

Art (objection / criticism) is a very subjective matter.

The car tried to (overcome / overtake) the bus on the motorway.

You will just have to (except / accept) his decision.

Could you wait a moment? I would like stop (to telephone / telephoning) my mother.


Could you give me some (advice / advise) on this problem?

Please (remember / remind) me to pick up some bread at the market.

Joanna (borrowed / lent) me 50 PLN until next Monday.

He (said / told) us about his trip to Zielona Gora.

His help with the contract was (invaluable / valueless).

He is a very (sensible / sensitive) person. He always has time to listen to people's problems.

Hania went to the library to (lend / borrow) the latest Stephen King novel.

Magda (assured / ensured) us we had made a good decision.

He (laid / lay) the book on the table.

Unfortunately, he made quite a serious (fault / mistake) while working on the plumbing.


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