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What do English Boys' Names Mean?

Here is fairly comprehensive list of first (Christian) names used in the English-speaking world (Great Britain, the United States, Ireland; Australia etc.). It also includes an indication of the traditional meaning of these names. It should of some use to anyone thinking about choosing a name for a baby or interested in finding out what their own name means.

Top 10 English names

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Aaron Enlightened
Abbott Father
Abel Breath
Abner Father of Light
Abraham Exalted Father
Adam Man of Earth
Addison Son of Adam
Adler Eagle
Adley The Just
Adrian, Adrien The Dark One
Aedan, Aiden Born of Fire
Aiken The Oaken
Alan, Allan Handsome One
Alastair Defender of Men
Albern Of Noble Valor
Albert Noble, Bright
Albion White or Fair
Alden Wise Guardian
Aldis From the Old House
Aldrich Old Wise Leader
Alexander Great Protector
Alfie Form of Alfred
Alfred Supernaturally Wise
Algernon Bearded
Alston From the Old Manor
Alton From the Old Town
Alvin Noble Friend
Ambrose Immortal
Amery Industrious
Amos A Burden
Andrew Manly, Valiant
Angus Strong and Unique
Ansel Nobel
Anthony Priceless
Archer Bowman
Archibald Bold Prince
Arlen Pledge
Arnold Strong as an Eagle
Arthur, Art Champion, Follower of Thor
Arvel Wept Over
Atwater From the Waterside
Atwood Forest Dweller
Aubrey Ruler of the Elves
Austin Helpful
Avery Elfin Ruler
Axel Man of Peace
Baird Bard or Minstrel
Baldwin Princely Friend
Barclay Meadow of Birch Trees
Barnaby Prophet
Baron Nobleman
Barrett Bear-Like
Barry Marksman
Bartholomew Warlike
Basil King-like
Benedict Blessed
Benjamin Son of Right Hand
Benton Moor Dweller
Bernard Stern Bear
Bert Bright
Bevis Bowman
Blaine Lean or Thin
Blair Man of Flatlands
Blake Fair Complexioned
Bond Farmer
Boris Warrior
Bowen Son of Owen
Braden From the Broad Valley
Bradley from the Broad Meadow
Brandan, Brendan, Brendon Traveller
Brent From the Steep Hill
Bret, Brett Native of Brittany
Brian High, Noble, Strong
Brice Great Ambition
Brigham Dweller by the Bridge
Brock The Badger
Broderick Form of Roderick
Brooke A stream
Bruce Brushwood
Bruno Dark Complexioned
Bryant Strong
Buck The Deer
Bud Messenger
Burgess Citizen of a Town
Burton Fortress
Byron Bear
Cadman Warrior
Calvert Shepherd
Caldwell Near a Cold Well
Caleb Faithful
Calvin Bald
Carrick Rock
Carl Farmer
Carlton From Carl's Farm
Carney Warrior
Carroll Champion
Carter Cart Driver
Carver Wood Carver
Cary Fort
Casey Brave
Casper Treasure
Cecil Blind
Cedric Chieftain
Chad, Chadwick Warrior
Chalmers Lord of the Household
Chandler Candlemaker
Channing A Canon
Chapman Merchant
Charles Manly
Chatwin Warlike Friend
Chester Castle Dweller
Christian A Christian
Christopher Christ-Bearer
Clarence Famous
Claude Lame
Clayton, Clay The Clay Farm
Clifford, Cliff Near the Cliff
Clive Cliff Dweller
Clyde Heard from Afar
Coleman Dove
Colin People's Victory
Collier Miner
Conan Wise
Connell Friendship
Connor Lover of Hounds
Conrad Able in Counsel
Conroy Wise Man
Conway Hound in the Plain
Corwin The Raven
Crispin Curly Haired
Crosby Dweller by Town Cross
Culbert Cool and Brilliant
Culver Dove
Curt Short or Little
Curtis Courteous
Cuthbert Famous and Brilliant
Craig Rocky Hill
Cyril Lord-like






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