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Difficult English Words

Affect / Effect

"Affect" and "effect" are two words which have a similar or identical pronunciation in spoken English, but have different meanings when used correctly in written English. "Affect' is most commonly used as a verb and means "to influence or change" or "arouse feelings". The word "affect" is rarely used as a noun and when it is it is in a fairly narrow field of psychology in connection with emotional states. In contrast to "affect", the word "effect" is most often used as a noun. "Effect" as a noun means "a result". "Effect" is rarely used as a verb and means to make something happen.


Now test your own knowledge of the use of "affect'' and "effect":


The prisoners an escape.

His words me greatly.

She had been deeply by her parents' divorce.

Any change in temperature will have an on the plants.

Polish companies were suffering the adverse of joining the European Union.

I didn't like the acting in the film but the special were great.




Dictionary reference for the word 'affect'.

Cambridge University Dictionary - affect


Dictionary reference for the word 'effect'.

Oxford University Dictionary - effect


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