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Advanced Vocabulary

Exercise 1

Read the sentences below and decide which of these words best fits each space. You may need need to change the form of the word.

redolent; incapable; precluded; rite; confer; rendering; correlation; prevail; officiating; deploy; criterion; reminiscent; clarified; obey; bestow.

1 - The small number of students have the school from offering as many courses this year.

2 - Magda is the book into Polish from English.

3 - Could you the first point please? I don't understand it completely.

4 - There's little between success in life and a university degree.

5 - This is a strange custom that still .

6 - Students should their teachers without question!

7 - A priest at the wedding.

8 - Gosia's an excellent mathematician, but as a lecturer she's totally .

9 - He a powerful argument against the proposal.

10 - Szczecin University an honourary degree on Lech Wałęsa.

11 - The Professorship was upon him in 1999.

12 -The success of the school should not be judged by financial alone.

13 - You have to go through an initiation before you're accepted into the Tolkien society.

14 - This room is of the the smell of the old library at Trinity College.

15 - One of my new students is of my ex-girlfriend.

Exercise 2 

Read the sentences below and decide which of these words best fits each space. You may need need to change the form of the word.

fabrication, concoct, prevaricate, evasive, perjure, duplicity, candid, authentic, venerable, validity, erroneous, veracious, credence, pretence, deceive.

1 - Hania is  over whether to take the Cambridge FCE exam.

 2 - I was by his uniform - I really thought he was a police officer.

3 - His bruises added to his statement that he had been beaten.

4 - They were accused of in their dealings with both sides.

5 - Donata kept up a of normality as long as she could.

6 - The evidence she gave in court was a complete .

7 - Just give me a straight answer, won't you, and stop the question!

8 - She has an Irish accent.

9 - He held the belief that the more it cost the better it must be.

10 - He a story about working late at the office, but I knew he was out with his secretary.

11 - Doubts were cast on the of her alibi after three people claimed to have seen her at the scene of the murder.

12 - To be with you, I've always found you very attractive.

13 - The judge warned the witness not to herself.

14 - This research seems to lend some to the theory that the drug might cause hair-loss.

15 - Robert Burns is perhaps Scotland's most poet.


Exercise 3 

Read the sentences below and decide which of these words best fits each space. You may need need to change the form of the word.

  nightmare, slumber, soporific, somnambulist, insomnia, consolidate, lucid, exemplify, enhance, pompous, entrepreneur, turbulent, verify, snooze, doze.

1 - I was lulled back into by the gentle sound of the river.

2 - Eating strong cheese before you go to sleep can your dreams!

3 - Simon had three marriages, which all ended in divorce.

4 - Today, for the first time in months, Szymon spoke to us quite .

5 - The dinner was an extremely occasion, with speeches and formal toasts.

6 - Magda was a . She often woke up on a different floor of her block wearing only a nightdress, after wandering outside her flat in her sleep!

7 - I think I'll take a before my lessons at 'COUNTDOWN'.

8 - Last night I had the most terrifying . I dreamt that I was trapped inside a lift full of nuns!

9 - These figures are surprisingly high and they'll have to be .

10 - The office was so hot I nearly off at my desk.

11 - Her voice made it difficult to stay awake in the lecture.

12 - She hoped that marriage would their relationship. 

13 - This painting perfectly the naturalistic style which was so popular at the time.

14 - He'll make money - he's got that spirit.

15 - She went to the doctor's because she was suffering from .


Exercise 4

Read the sentences below and decide which of these words best fits each space. You may need need to change the form of the word.

perpetrator, grievance, pretentious, antipathy, insouciance, incessant, zealot, abhor, fanatic, wrongdoer, continual, absolve, indifferent, support, hate.

1 - Religious of any kind make me sick!

2 - for the terrorist group usually increases after a bomb attack.

3 - These students have a healthy suspicion of art college .

4 - They have been accused of committing acts of terrorism. 

5 - Many people are unhappy at the with which several American newspapers treat terrorism commited by the I.R.A.

6 - The accident happened as a result of years of on the part of the safety regulators.

7 - Gosia still harbours a against her employers for not promoting her.

8 - The vandalism was carried out by elements in the animal-rights movement.

9 - The report her of all blame for the accident.

10 - I've had problems with my neighbours ever since I moved into my new flat.

11 - Federal soldiers have been accused of atrocities against innocent people.

12 - You can't make a statement like that without any evidence.

13 - They have been accused of committing acts of terrorism.

14 - There was a great desire to punish the and deter them from committing similar crimes in the future.

15 - He was the most teacher in the school.