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What is an Adjective?

Adjectives are used to modify or describe nouns. For example, adjectives can show size, colour, quantity and emotion. Here are some sentences with adjectives. Can you identify the adjectives in the sentences below?

•Matilda bought a cardigan at the hypermarket for her father.

•The cardigan was too small.

•Matilda felt very disappointed.

•Matilda’s father received nice gifts for his birthday.


The different kinds of adjective clauses

Here are some examples of different kinds of adjective clauses.

Subject Adjective Clauses

The children who came to my party had a good time.

Object Adjective Clauses

The duck that my girlfriend cooked was delicious.

Possessive Adjective Clauses

The woman whose baby cried during lunch was my sister, Matilda.

Location Adjective Clauses

The house where we had the party belongs to my best friend.


When do we use adjective clauses?

Adjective clauses are often used to make clear which person or thing we are writing or talking about.