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Varieties of English

Click on any of the flags below to hear recordings of accents from around the English speaking world.



This Month's Language News

Her Majesty's accent is taking on more modern tone

"A new study suggests the Queen is dropping the traditional RP accent and starting to resemble the standard southern English English accent associated with those "younger and traditionally lower in the social hierarchy." ..." Those pronunciation teachers who hold the view that there is this ideal pronunciation which we can all aim for are obviously wrong because what is that ideal ..."

Here are some links to interesting articles and websites on the many accents and varieties of English.

Aboriginal English

American English

Australian English

Australian English audio samples

Black South African English

Canadian English

Canadian English pronunciation

Caribbean English

Cockney English

Differences in English

Differences between American, British and Canadian English

English Alphabet

Elizabethan English

Estuary English

Indian English

London Teenage English

New Zealand English

Nigerian English

Old English

RIP (Rest In Peace) Received Pronunciation

Received English Pronunciation

Scots English

Singapore English

South African English

Standard English - Does it exist?






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