world english test

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  1. The soap opera on Polsat last night was boring that I fell asleep after five minutes.


  2. You have beautiful eyes.


  3. Ania's boyfriend was angry that he got in his car and drove home alone. Leaving her to get the bus back to Lubniewice!


  4. Matilda was tired that she fell asleep on the train.


  5. He walked quickly that I couldn't keep up with him.


  6. Amica Wronki played badly in today's match.


  7. I was served an enormous plate of fish and chips, when I visited them at the weekend, that I had trouble eating it.


  8. He was talking rubbish that nobody was listening to him.


  9. The lake had dirty water that I decided not to swim.


  10. This tea is stewed that I can't drink it.